Beta version-blogPost

Welcome to the Genaios product beta version.

Our vision is to leverage Generative AI for good.

Our mission is to build products that use AI to empower people to verify digital content’s origin, authenticity, and factual accuracy with ease and confidence.

And we want to do this with you!

The Chrome plugin can be found here:

The installation and usage video can be found here:

We have set up a Discord server with a Beta-Testing channel and would like to invite you to join us there:

This is the very first iteration of our product and we know this isn’t perfect. There are many enhancements and improvements to the current features in the pipeline, as well as additional features like automated fact-checking. 

But, as a product-focused company, we want to build with you.

The current features in the Beta Chrome plugin include:

  • AI-Content Detection
  • Readability
  • Toxicity Detection
  • Plagiarism Detection

Automated Fact-checking will be added in the next iteration.

We want your feedback, both good and bad, as well as your suggestions for improvements, both in the AI model results and the user experience.

We appreciate you taking the time to test, and together with you, we can build a product that brings real value.

Thank you,

Genaios team